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Intuitive Medium – Author – Teacher – Speaker …. (15 Years of Service)

Hello! I’m Michelle. I work with people seeking practical and sustainable solutions to their life problems.

I’d like to share with you the top reasons people schedule an intuitive session with me:

  • You are uncertain of, or are having difficulties in, a relationship and want big picture understanding.
  • You would like to transition careers or transform your finances and want to know your aptitudes, options and potentials.
  • You experience physical or mental health issues that doctors and talk therapy cannot resolve and want a holistic approach to new discovery.
  • You are experiencing personal growth issues and want insight on how to truly move beyond past wounds, patterns and behaviors so you can thrive in your life.
  • You want to connect to someone who has passed away.
  • You want to know more about your spirit, or are having psychic experiences, and want to know more about that part of yourself and how to live a mindful life.

What I find so amazing about my work is how relieved, empowered and joyful my clients are when they leave my office. I often receive feedback about how accurate and helpful my insight has been and the difference it’s allowing them to make in their lives. I guess this is why my business has been built on referrals.

I make the process fun and informative. I love what I do and everyone tells me it shows. Get in touch with me, I’d love to work with you!


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“1 hour with Michelle is like 10 years of therapy. When I feel stuck, I see Michelle and she always helps me understand what I’m experiencing and how to best manifest what I desire.”

Gina Chaffer, Hospice Nurse


(Michelle offers sessions in Fort Collins and Denver, as well as
virtual sessions via phone or facetime)
  • Initial Intuitive Session New client intake, personalized life-strategy and solutions session addressing your unique areas of concern.
  • Intuitive Therapy Session Returning client continued life-strategy and solutions session to keep you on track with all your life issues and personal development goals.
  • Medium Session For anyone wanting to focus on connecting to the passed away.
  • Groups Events For when you want to gather friends for an enlightened event of laughter, empowerment and connection.
  • Classes & Events Learn how to be your best self.


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KARMIC RECONCILIATION (A powerful mini-workshop to transform your relationships to...
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Books by Michelle
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“Michelle’s book is a life manual. I love how real she is in telling her story and the stories of others. More importantly, I love how her book is full of practical techniques and examples of how to manage your personal energetics so you can harness your power and create your highest expression. My copy is dog-eared and always close at hand.”

Lynette Werth, Astrologer


“As a race-car engineer, spirit was the last thing on my mind. Then I started having intuitive experiences I couldn’t explain. I was referred to Michelle and through classes and mentorship she helped me understand my intuition which allowed me to find greater purpose.”

Alain Clarinval, Author and former race car engineer

“Michelle captivated me when I heard her speak at an event. Clearly, she knew her craft and I was impressed with how well she could relate the complex metaphysic information and techniques into practical everyday understandings and usage. I’ve studied spirit extensively and have found Michelle to be one of the most authentic and effective authors, speakers and teachers in the transformational industry.”

Jackie Mihalchick, The Intuitive Realtor

“Michelle counseled me through the loss of my brother and mother with genuine compassion and understanding. As a medium, she re-connected me to my loved ones and helped me understand the purpose of their passing as well the role they still have in my life today…and in that moment, the unbearable grief I thought I would never get over was gone. I’m so thankful for Michelle and her gifts.”

Carrie Seela, Project Manager