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Past Life Explorations

January 26, 2018 6:00 pm
January 26, 2018 10:00 pm
3938 John F Kennedy Parkway, Fort Collins, CO, United States   View map


Learn how your past affects you today and how you can change the past for a better future.


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Learn how your past affects you today and how you can change the past for a better future.

Do you have behaviors or fears you’d like to change but haven’t been able to or don’t know how?

Behaviors or fears such as:

• Over indulgence, excessive anger, self-criticism

• Lack of motivation or procrastination

• Fear of heights, water or enclosed spaces

• Powerlessness or lower self-esteem

The reason you and many people have a difficult time overcoming your negative patterns and behaviors is because you may not realize what originally caused the issue.

When you face the source of your behaviors….You can change the

In this PAST LIFE EXPLORATIONS – mini-workshop – master clairvoyant medium Michelle DesPres will guide you toward discovering your past lives and how to recognize their positive or negative influences in your life presently so you can change your patterns to experience more of what you desire today.


• Experience guided meditations that will direct you toward witnessing you past expressions in relationship, career, with family, friends etc. so you can heal and evolve yourself and your relationships.

• Discover new information that will provide you with the tools to release or repair unhealthy patterns, behaviors and circumstances.

• Techniques to decode and understand the purpose of your experiences

• Revolutionary life skills for integrating past understandings into your everyday life in practical ways that reduce anxiety so you have more time, money, peace and love.

• Mind/Body techniques that allow you to maintain your health, wealth and well-being now and always!


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