How to Control Your Focus When Manifesting

Control Your Focus When Manifesting

Controlling your focus when manifesting can be difficult, and your mind will wander if you are like most people. You are probably so used to multi-tasking that when you have a free moment, you just can’t stop to enjoy it.

Have you ever had an occasion where you’ve had to sit still, like in the waiting room of a doctor’s office and just couldn’t stop fidgeting? That’s what today’s society calls the busy bee mind.

Take on the Practice of Meditating

You may have tried your hand at meditating, got a busy bee mind and then dropped the whole idea. Don’t worry, though. You are not alone in this cycle. Plenty of people try meditating and then figure that they can’t do it and then just give up. Don’t give up!

Meditation takes practice and quite a bit of it. If you give up too soon, you lose the value of meditating when manifesting your wildest dreams. Start small but keep at it. The more meditation you practice, the more benefits you will notice.

How to Create More Focus

Are you a daydreamer, or do you procrastinate? Once you realize that you are not alone in these things, you will understand that it is in your control. Take responsibility for how and when you procrastinate, and accept that you are a daydreamer. 

Many creative people just can’t help themselves from daydreaming and procrastinating, so don’t fight it. Allow yourself some time to work and be productive, but also give yourself time to allow your mind to wander.

Why not try using a timer? The Pomodoro Technique breaks your time into intervals using a kitchen timer. Try committing yourself to an hour of work and then five or ten minutes of daydreaming. When the alarm goes off, it’s back to being productive. Also, let yourself be rewarded for every task you complete. Of course, you’re not going to go out and buy yourself a new car each time you complete a task, but you can give yourself some smaller rewards.

Take time for a special coffee, call a friend, or treat yourself to a nice dessert. Do something for yourself each time you set and reach a new goal.

Time Management

You might be surprised how much time management has to do with manifesting, and a lot is the answer. If you manage your time, you are not scattered, and your results will not be scattered. Time management is essential to properly manifest.

If you have a set time for work, play, rest, exercise, and socialization, you can fit time in for meditating and manifesting. Visualization will fall into your schedule too, so try chunking your time.

Chunking is when you give yourself a set amount of time for a particular project or task. Set 30-minutes on a timer and move on to the next project when time is up .

When you manage your time, you can manage your manifesting. Staying still in one activity can thwart manifestation’s rhythmic ebb and flow.

These tips will help you to take more control of your focus. 

May your days be filled with peace, love and joy.

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