Why the Subconscious Mind Wants to Take Control

Why The Subconscious Mind Wants To Take Control And How Not To Let It

This article finds out why the subconscious mind wants to take control and how you can stop it. If you are a fan of the law of attraction, you know that the stories inside your head rule the roost. If you grew up believing that money is the root of all evil, then chances are that money is something that only “bad” people seek out.

You want to be a “good” person, so your subconscious mind keeps money and all its benefits away from you. To truly manifest with greatness, we need to recognize that we are many parts and layers. The subconscious could be relatable to the roots of a plant, the subconscious is embedded deeply into our lives.

Journaling to get in touch with your subconscious

To get in touch with our subconscious layers, we need to peel them back one at a time.

How the Subconscious Mind is at Work

The subconscious mind is at work from early childhood. Whatever we see in our environment is what we will record for use later on. It’s a story that our subconscious mind writes from early on and continues to create a story from which we live our lives. 

The subconscious mind absorbs many things; its beliefs about money, relationships, who and what we should be in the world,, and so much more. The subconscious is responsible for how we feel about everything from education and money to career and family.

How the subconscious mind is at work

Why the Subconscious Mind Wants to Take Control

Did you grow up in a traditional household where your mom was a stay-at-home mom, and your dad worked seven days a week? If so, have you chosen the same path or had an opposite reaction? Did you see your mom as so unhappy that you went in the complete opposite direction? Whatever you choose, you may thank your subconscious mind for telling you that story.

How to Take Over the Wheel of Your Subconscious Mind

Be in Awareness

Once you recognize your subconscious is responsible for all the stories you have told yourself throughout your life, you can change that up. You can create new opportunities and stories and have all the happily ever afters you desire for yourself and your life. 

Why the Subconscious Mind Wants to Take Control

Take on a New Perspective

If you are angry at someone else’s behavior, take a look at your behavior. What is it about that person’s behavior that bothered you? Is it something that you see in yourself? Take on a new perspective, maybe of compassion or being human, forgiveness or understanding.

Change your perspective on the situation because you can do so.

Do the Work

Once you become aware, you can create new opportunities to think differently and take on a new perspective. However, it’s important to note that this will be a new habit which you must form. 

It won’t happen overnight, but you can do it with a little effort and understanding. 

May your days be filled with peace, love and joy.

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